Angel Hernandez


• Zandra Ulloa • Realty Group • Brokered by Active Realty •

No Obligation, Just Opportunity.

About Angel Hernandez

I ❤ love Tacos, but you know what, I also love real estate.

I was stuck in a dilemma for the past couple of months... "How do I combine my two passions in a way that's fun, memorable, and different?"

As my real estate career took off, I wanted to find a fun way to market my business further, but I wanted to be different.

So I took my two passions (Tacos & Real Estate) and combined them!

Introducing Angel Hernandez Real Estate Services... I understand that buying and selling your home is a major life event.

So when I became a Real Estate Agent, I had the intent of always focusing on the needs of my clients. ❤️But buying or selling real estate should also be a fun and enjoyable experience!

I am honored to be involved in such a big decision in my client's lives that I also celebrate that decision with them.

"TACO PARTY, RUMBA, FIESTA, BACKYARD BOOGIE!" So when choosing your next Real Estate Agent to work with.. keep in mind that I provide value that others don't (yes, that includes delicious tacos) .

So if you're looking for someone to help you make that next transition in your life and do it with a full stomach, I provide value others don't.